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Art Boxes are popping up around the Comox Valley

New Release


Royston Seaside Trail Art Galleria

with Kate and Judi


Kye Bay Mini Galleria

Kye Bay 

Mini Galleria 

KyeBayers Feb  28

New addition to the art scene in Kye Bay. 


This Mini Galleria was built for Ann Zanbilowicz by local master woodworker Piet Rutgers. The idea is to provide local communities with art displays since Gallery Shows aren’t safe. Come by and peek in my window on the road. There is another art box on the Royston Trail right beside the birdhouse tree. Let me know if you’d like to display your work in my box or if you’d like plans to build your own unique box. 

The project is the brainchild of Kate Brown, president of a local art group. Hopefully other artists, potters, poets, glassblowers, photographers etc will join us in putting up their own Galleria’s and then we can have a Valley-wide tour laid out. 

Many thanks to Susan and Dennis Gage for the enthusiasm and expert help in putting up the art box.

1530 Kye Bay Road, Comox

New Release


Royston Seaside Trail Art Galleria

with Kate and Judi


art galleria

Royston Seaside Trial

Art Galleria 

The idea came from an article in the Globe and Mail about Art Boxes becoming popular in the eclectic community of Toronto Island. Piet Rutgers of Sandpiper Arts and Crafts Furniture made this as a gift for Kate Brown of Artsphere.

Kate displays different small paintings, sketches and art work each week. Passers-by have come to look forward to Saturday - new art day, and enjoy the variety of different types of art displayed from book illustrations of "Revelry on the Estuary" to pour paintings. 

This mini galleria can be spotted along the Royston Seaside Trail mid way between Christie Park Way and Hilton Road, Courtenay.

Look out for The Tree of Candy Coloured Bird Houses.

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