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Artsphere is a dynamic art studio and gallery that inspires creative exploration and pushes boundaries. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive space where emerging and established artists can showcase their work and share their visions with the world. Our community-based approach to art allows us to offer a full range of classes and workshops that cater to different levels of skill and diverse interests.

Join us for an exciting journey of artistic discovery!



  • Studio Time in Artsphere Studios weekly. 

  • Enjoy acrylic art, oil painting, watercolour painting, drawing,

  • Develop open air art, sculpture, textile art, photography. 

  • Show &Tell to network and show your art in progress .

  • Participate in community fund raising activities.

  • Workshops and demos given by members on new art topics. 

  • Exhibit original art in virtual  Artsphere Gallery 

  • Sell art in Artsphere Online Shop

  • Weekly Artsphere Inspiration newsletter 

  • Gain confidence to try something new in a supportive environment.

Our annual fees are $85.CAN

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