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Studio Time Activities

At Artsphere we love having the opportunity to encourage artists and help them succeed. Everyone is an artist, we have fun creating art together. During Covid19 we aim to inspire artists to work at home or they can book a studio time on Friday's to work on their own project in one of 6 covered outdoor studios, equiped for acrylic, oil and watercolour painting, glass cutting and jewelery, screen printing and silk dying, clay building and sculpture or painting on a large canvas or plein air drawing, painting and photography in the garden and waterfront surroundings.


Acrylic, oil and watercolour painting


Screen printing  


Textile - Silk Painting and Dying

plein air

 Plein Air drawing and photography

TaraLeeHouston_Now Serving A Breath of F

Sculpture and clay building


Art Techniques - acrylic pouring

Marlet Ashley

Creating at home



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